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Orange is the Color: Ode to Mingus

Orange is the Color: Ode to Mingus

14" x 18"
Oil on Panel

If I had to describe my intent in one sentence, I would say that I am engaged in the art of describing. There are moments in life that stop me in my tracks and say “look at this, celebrate this!” That is what the act of painting is for me.

In my still lifes it is the substance of things within reach — the roundness — the tactile lure of the known world. Lemons, cantaloupes, squash all speak to the senses. Their forms have their own weight, unique fleshy surfaces, interiors that hold so many sustaining memories. They call out for stages of color, a theater of sorts to celebrate that transitory thereness. The more I investigate, the more the shadows and reflections reveal. There are octaves in color, like notes in music. There are artistic formulas — and these seeming limitations create the challenge to dive deeper into the sense of color and perception as one constructs the skin-the flesh- of the painting. The goal is singing the praises of nature and experience, simply a pleasure, like calling for an echo.